My name is Eddie and i've had eighteen birthdays. I'm from Australia and I love to party. I'm funny and friendly i won't bite, unless you're into that. I'm pretty crazy, but I guess that's what everybody loves about me. I have an obsession with EDM and sexual/dirty music. I hate liars and people who are just out to kill our good vibes. If you have any questions don't be afraid to message me! .:StayTheNight:.
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Stoner Promo!


In a good mood so why not do a promo?

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must reach 50+ notes ( lists depends on how many reblogs this gets )

doing solos on a few!Β 

Will end tomorrow night at 9!

Good luck &Good vibes to everyone! :)

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Class Of 2014

Oh where has the time gone ? 13 years later and tonight I received my High School Graduation Certificate ! I never thought this day would come.. I never thought this day actually existed. I always assumed it was make believe.. but I was wrong, its so real. I’m not sad, i’m actually surprisingly really happy ! Its a new chapter for me and i’m starting it with a sharpened pencil ready to go blunt again. A chapter where I can finally be me.. Like the real me yah know ? I’ll miss everyone that i’ve laughed with and made crazy memories with as well ! Its never a goodbye though.. but only a cya later :)Β 

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